EXIF metadata extraction/display?

Hi, I don’t see anything about whether this is possible to extract and display EXIF and other formats of file metadata in S, as it appears to be in Classic. AM I missing someone? If not, is there any plan to add this feature? Thanks

Do you have a sense of what in particular you’re looking to extract?

As you say, the feature to read EXIF and a few other things exists in Classic, but it never seemed to really be used for much, in large part because we just extract a big blob of data that’s difficult to work with.

We’ve had some internal discussions about a module for S to do metadata extraction, and my wonder is whether options to, for example, extract particular exif fields into metadata elements on the Media or Item would be a better option then just a big array of all the exif data.

Hi John - my collection is mostly archival video, pictures and audio of live performance, where I may have multiple versions/transcodings so would be helpful to be able to pull additional metadata, in addition to file size and MIME type (which I see appears already): encoding, file creation date, geolocation MD5 etc. Definitely not the whole blob! Not an essential but very nice to have.

In classic, it was useful to get the width and height of original file, that is used in some viewers.

We have a data column that could store some of this, if we were to try to read it automatically (like with getimagesize), but it might make more sense to have something separate just for metadata (and/or the “map to properties” approach, which makes particular sense for embedded titles, creators and so on).