Exhibition not indexed by Google

We have one exhibition that is not being indexed by Google, and can’t understand why.

We’re using the sitemap plugin, and have submitted the sitemap to Google via Google Search Console. But this one exhibition is still not being indexed (both before and after the sitemap was submitted). Can anyone suggest why?

Here’s the exhibition: http://fusion.deakin.edu.au/exhibits/show/geelongad

I believe the Search Console provides you with some kind of reporting about sitemaps you submit. Is it reporting any errors or messages, or otherwise explaining why some pages might not have been indexed?

Thanks, John. No, it just summaries the results, viz. 49 URLs supplied, 47 indexed. But no explanation of the discrepancy. I traced the discrepancy of 2 back to the exhibition URL I supplied above, plus the Exhibit Browse page.

I can recreate the same behavior: google search console returns no errors or warnings for my sitemap, and indexes all but two of the urls submitted.
If google is not returning any errors, and the urls in the sitemap are valid, I am not sure what else our plugin can do. I cannot find any documentation on why google might not index a few valid urls from a sitemap.
Question: how did you determine from the search console report which two URLs from the sitemap were not being indexed?

Hi Ned, sorry for the long delay in responding. I checked each of the URLs in the sitemap individually via site:.xxx. There were only 49, so it was manageable.

One of the 2 pages not previously indexed is now in Google. Just one that isn’t - http://fusion.deakin.edu.au/exhibits - although sub-pages are indexed.