Exhibition builder

Hi there,

I’m trying to update the links in the exhibit page to open in a new window or tab. For each exhibition that we create, we select the “Thanks, Roy” theme within the exhibition builder so I tried to locate the php file responsible for dynamically generating the exhibition… but it does not appear to exist in either of the folders (see directories below).

However the page does appear to exist for the theme “seasons” located at /omeka/web/default/themes/seasons/exhibit-builder/exhibits.

1). Is what I’m doing correct, in that I am locating the responsible page from within the plugin theme in order to update the links to include target="_blank" ?

Is there an alternative way to do this? It appears the user interface of the plugin does not expose any of the HTML code for us to edit/manage.

I am running out of ideas, please advise. Any help is appreciated!

Themes use default files when no overrides are specified. See the /application/views/scripts in your Omeka root directory for default files - you can copy them to similar path within your theme folder and than modify as you need.
Similar thing is for plugins, however the default files are placed inside a specified plugin folder - so, for the ExhibitBuilder plugin you should copy required files from /plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/public/exhibits to /exhibit-builder/exhibits folder inside your theme directory. And than you can modify you theme’s local copy of the files as you whish.