ExhibitBuilder expand/collapse issue

Since upgrading to 3.0.6 Classic we’ve noticed an issue which seems to be coming from the ExhibitBuilder plugin. We can use it to expand all or collapse all, but we can’t just select an individual block to expand or collapse. The icons are there, but they don’t seem to do anything.

I’ve tried the upgrading to 3.5.2 ExhibitBuilder, but saw no difference. Below is a screen snap of what we see when collapsed. Expand All would open all of these, but clicking the arrow icon on any individual block seems to do nothing.


Bobb Menk

By “3.0.6” what do you mean? That’s not a version of Classic that exists, and it would be a very very old version of Exhibit Builder (and I’m not sure it exists either).

Sorry - mis-typed. We upgraded to 3.0.2 from 2.6 recntly

OK, thanks. Just making sure we’re on the same page.

It looks like I can reproduce your problem here with the individual expand/collapse buttons. We’ll get working on it; probably the result will be a small update to Exhibit Builder to fix this.

Any word on the status of this?


I filed an issue based on your report. If you check there you’ll see that we have a fix for the problem. It’s now just a matter of us confirming it’s good to go and then making a release.

Downloaded the new version and it seems fine - thanks! One minor issue though.

There seems to be a discrepancy between how the iconfonts.css references FontsAwesome and how the Berlin theme does.

In ./application/views/scripts/css/iconfonts.css we have “Font Awesome 5 Free” but in
./themes/berlin/css/style.css we have “FontAwesome”

This seems to be mentioned here: Update Font Awesome styles. · omeka/theme-berlin@adcb16c · GitHub but was still an issue when we upgraded to 3.06 and also gave some grief when we updated the ExhibitBuilder plugin.

Just an FYI for you.

Thanks again.

Bobb Menk

Yes, I was about to write and say that the fix for this is in the new version.

As for the changed name of Font Awesome, that’s a change in Omeka Classic 3.0. Both the current Berlin and current Exhibit Builder should be saying “Font Awesome 5 Free”. Unless you’ve maybe made some other change yourself.