Exhibit Thumbnail Inconsistent Sizing

I am using the Exhibit plugin but the thumbnail images are not appearing with consistency in both the Gallery layout and homepage for the exhibits. The theme settings are set to have all public thumbnails set as square thumbnails and all exhibits are using the Center Row theme. I have tried controlling the image size through the themes css file, but have had no success. I am using Version 2.5.1.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Exhibit landing page: http://protest.archivingephemerality.com/omeka/exhibits
Gallery examples: http://protest.archivingephemerality.com/omeka/exhibits/show/intersectionality/theoralhistorycollection

It looks like that theme just mandates the use of the “thumbnail” image. You could change this line to say “square” instead of “thumbnail” in the theme’s exhibit-builder/exhibits/browse.php file.