Exhibit pages prev/next nav text no titles?

I am trying to figure out how to turn the exhibit page navigation that shows at the bottom of an exhibit page into previous and next buttons instead of text links. I can style the existing links to look like buttons but I also would like them to say Previous and Next instead of the page title.

Is there a way to grab the previous page link and the next page link and put your own text in for the link instead of having it use the page title?

I found this plugin called “Next” that lets you add previous and next links that you can then style as buttons.

Please be aware that the plugin you mentioned is for Omeka-s, not for Omeka Classic.

I confused myself! I am working on two different projects - one in OmekaS where I needed prev/next buttons and one in Classic where I need to turn the titles into previous/next.

So yes the Next plugin does not help me with my actual question posted here :wink: Thank you for pointing that out

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