Exhibit pages don't display

There are several exhibits on our site working just fine. The most recent one has been made Public. A link to it shows up as expected on the public Exhibits page, but when you click on it it either displays an error message or (if logged in to our telework portal) displays the title of the first page but no content.

Any ideas what’s up?

Can you provide us with more details? Like the error message displayed, and the URL of the failing Exhibit?

Exhibits page: All Exhibits | Community of Gardens

The exhibit that doesn’t show up: Cambridge Community Gardens Today Request Rejected

The error messages is " Please contact the OCIO Help Desk for additional support.

Your issue ID is: 1886394437798479036."

That error page looks to be coming from your institution’s web hosting system, like it’s blocking the request.

You probably need to talk to your IT and give them the URL that doesn’t work and that issue ID.

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