Exhibit Page Class (Can't make both exhibits class= "Side")

Good morning,
I’ve been trying to make both of my Territorio no incorporado exhibits look the same layout-wise.
I really like how Exhibit #1: “How about them peaches?” has the side navigation links, but I can’t seem to replicate this layout for Exhibit #2: “Boricuas in the Upstate”

Looking at the source code, I’ve noticed a difference in the nav id:
Where as Exhibit #1 has nav id=“exhibit-pages” class=“side” (which is what I would like…I think)
Exhibit #2 says: nav id=“exhibit-pages” class=“full”

I’ve tried fixing this at the Theme configuration level. In last option to configure, Exhibit Builder (Select exhibit page navigation style), I have selected Sidebar. I thought this would do it, but nothing changes. I still see the exhibit navigation on top of the page, and not on the side. Is this where I should do it?
Thank you very much for any help you could offer.

Out of curiosity, are both exhibits set to “Current Public Theme”? Or is one of them set to Seasons?

That did it, Megan! What is the difference? Many thanks for your help!

I suspect that using “Seasons” rather than “Current public theme” means that the exhibit navigation displays as the default for the theme, and thus isn’t affected by what you do in theme settings.

Thank you so much, Megan. This has been really helpful.
Take care.

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