Exhibit Lightbox gallery link to fullsize jpg rather than original

I’m using the lightbox gallery for the exhibt plugin and I’d like to set the lightbox gallery to link to the Fullsize image rather than the original as it seems to fall over when the original image is a .tif. (the image won’t load in the modal window) So I was thinking either I could modify the code to accept the original tif file but I think it would be cleaner to use the fullsize jpg image.

I’ve been looking at the code and I can’t locate where in the it links to the original file so I can change it to fullsize, please could someone help/advise.

thank you,


I believe you want to edit the file LightboxGallery/views/helpers/ExhibitAttachmentLightbox.php.

Directly above line 44 (but still within the else block), add the following line:

$fileOptions['linkToFile'] = 'fullsize';

@jflatnes That works perfectly :+1: thank you for your help John much appreciated. Hopefully it’ll be useful for other folk as well.