Exhibit gallery layout items disappear overnight

We have a site that uses the Exhibit’s module gallery layout. Some items are disappearing from the site after a day or so. When we reinsert the items into the gallery, the layout shifts from the preferred four-column layout to two columns which leaves too much white space on the public site. Can you give us a clue as to what is going on? Thank you very much.

Which version of Omeka and Exhibit Builder are you using, and what theme?

Hello mebrett,
We are using the Thanks Roy theme and Omeka version 2.7.1 and Exhibit Builder 3.4.2.
Thank you for looking into this, Do you need a link to the site?

Hello mebrett,

I have some follow up information and a question regarding the images disappearing from the Exhibit gallery layout. The pages with the four-column display show this code when I view the source:

div class=“exhibit-block layout-gallery”><div class=“gallery captions-center”

The pages that seemingly changed to the two-column layout have this code when I view the source:

div class=“exhibit-block layout-gallery”><div class=“gallery with-showcase left captions-center”

To my knowledge, we have done nothing other than using the gallery template to add the items. Can you tell me if this is the source of the issue? Why do some pages retain the four-column layout while other pages automatically switch to two-columns when we insert new items? Thank you for any insights you can provide.

The “disappearing” part is what I want to focus on. You’re saying that things disappear from the exhibit page on their own?

The “with-showcase” thing is a setting on the gallery block, which seems to have been changed.

Could some other user just be editing things?

Hello jlatness,
Where is the “with-showcase” setting on the gallery block? I am attaching a screenshot of the layout options for all the exhibit pages and I don’t see a difference in the options. From, this screenshot, are we talking about the same thing? Or is the “with-showcase” somewhere else? Thank you,

It’s “showcase file position,” that’s the setting that controls that “with-showcase” output in the HTML (and presuambly what you’re seeing as two-column layout: a showcase on the left makes one image take up most of the left side and then puts a smaller gallery to the right, and vice-versa for the other direction).

Hi John,

All the exhibit’s pages have the following settings:
Showcase file position: No showcase file
Gallery position: Left
Gallery file size: Square Thumbnail
Captions position: Center

Whenever items disappear or whenever we have to insert a new item in the gallery, the column changes from four to two columns automatically. To make things more strange we have to delete and redo the entire page in order to return to the four-column layout. Is there something we can do on our end that will prevent this from happening? How is the gallery impacted by the original image dimensions? Thank you.

Is there anything filled into the “text” box when this happens? Having text filled in there causes the “two column” layout also.

You might need to check with the “view source” button, there could be some non-obvious or invisible content filled in there.

Hi John,
You Solved It! Thank you so much. Here is the strange thing, the text box doesn’t show any text in the form. However, when you click on the Source code icon <>, there is as string of code. For instance, on one page where the columns shifted from four to two this is what I saw:

Do you have any idea where that is coming from? I noticed that when we were inputting the image captions that something named Ginger showed up in the caption box. What can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen other than checking the source code box?

I really appreciate yours and the rest of the Omeka Team members help in resolving this issue, Thank you so much! Have a wonderful evening!

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I’m not sure where that markup would be coming from. It’s not really HTML, it seems to me. There’s nothing in the Exhibit Builder that should be “automatically” inserting content like that.

Hi John,
Ginger, I found out, seems to be a Chrome Add on, which I did not install. My computer was recently updated and that might be how the Add on was attached to my browser. I have no idea. I removed it from Chrome but, it was very intrusive and was the cause of the disruption on the site. Thanks again for all your help!

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