Exhibit Builder?

Is there any plan to have an Exhibit Builder module like the Exhibit Builder plugin for Classic? I’m volunteering for a membership organization with an image archive and comparing Classic vs S, and an exhibit builder function is near the top of the must have list. Or is the paradigm that each site in S is an exhibit?

In some ways, yes, each site functions a bit like an exhibit. The ways sites are built in S - pages made up of blocks - is in many ways similar to how exhibits are built in classic. This gives you the flexibility to build sites highlighting your content in the way that works best for the story you are telling and/or the argument you are making.

It might be helpful for your team to look at the sites built with S to see how others are doing this: https://omeka.org/s/directory/

My understanding, though, and please correct me, is that you can’t search across sites. This is a small image archive of 40,000 images (currently) that requires its own search interface and we want to be able to build embedded exhibits in the collection. There is no other catalog or interface - we were hoping to use Omeka for that as well.

I wish I had a team…This is a volunteer effort for two of us, part-time, for an archive of a non-profit membership organization.

So, you can break things into separate sites, that’s sort of the most straightforward mapping from Classic to S with exhibits… but you can also make “subsections” within one site. In other words, you can lay out the pages of your “exhibits” so each exhibit is a page at the top level of the navigation with its subpages underneath.

Search across sites, and search of the page content in general, is something we’re looking at addressing/improving, but I don’t have anything concrete to share about it right now.