Exhibit Builder - make an exhibit block into an accordion?

I have a client who is repeatedly interested in making sections of an exhibit page into accordion/drop-down sections. I can do that with text, but haven’t found a way to collapse the entire block section including icon/item links. Is there a template out there with this function or anyone with tips?

Just to clarify, are you talking about sections within a single page (a block or a cluster of blocks)? Or child pages in the navigation?

I am talking about sections within a single page.

So the idea is, on a single exhibit page, each block would be able to hide behind a dropdown/accordion button. So a button saying “Gallery” could be clicked and a gallery block would expand, and then a second labeled “Information” could be clicked and a file with text block could expand. Has anyone worked with anything like this?

I haven’t seen this applied to exhibits, so sadly I don’t have any examples to link. Can you explain what issue you’re having applying your accordion structure to elements beyond text? Live examples are always helpful.