EU Cookie Bar module for Omeka S not working


I’ve installed EU Cookie Bar and enabled it on an empty Omeka S version 3.01 site. EU cookie bar settings shows in site settings page…

Looking at the source code of the site page, I see the EU cookie bar code has been added by the EU Cookie Bar module…

But when opening the page in any web browser, no cookie bar appears.

I tried using different site themes and computers. No cookie bar can be made to appear using this module.

JQuery is working and I can actually get a JQuery cookie bar to show if I manually add the relevant javascript to the source code of an Omeka HTML page block, but would much prefer to use the EU Cookie Bar module.

Am I doing something wrong or is the EU cookie bar module not yet compatible with Omeka S version 3.0.1 ?

Many thanks in advance.

It does not appear once you accepted it. Or it may be related to the cookie in the cache of the computer.
Nevertheless, I saw a bug and i fixed it in version

The new version works thanks. I can now see the cookie bar successfully.

(The old version did not display anything even in a private window.)

From Tony

Dear Tony and @Daniel_KM

Sorry I am just following on this question because I am having similar issues with the EU cookie bar, but am not able to resolve.

I am using a reworking of the Omeka S default theme, but it has nothing jquery related in it. I have installed the latest version of the relevant module. What I am not sure about is if our web server has the jquery library installed (or if that should be in the themes). I have tried looking through the documentation on gitlab but am not able to resolve it.

I am assuming i must first make sure the jquery library is in the root of my web server, but am not sure if I have to add anything to my theme? Our site is at

Many thanks

Apologies I saw that I had the wrong version installed. It works great!

Fine ! If your theme doesn’t use jquery, add the link to the Omeka one.

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