Error with Advanced Search module

Both 3.4.17 and 3.4.18:

Error: Failed opening required ‘/home/apache2/htdocs/modules/Common/TraitModule.php’

Is there a dependency with another module here?


Ah, found it! There is a Common module. It could be featured a bit more prominently… it didn’t seem to be on any of the module lists I use…

Hi Haenck,

Pleased to read that you solved it.

Indeed, since Advanced Search version 3.4.17 there is a dependency on the module “Common”. This is mentioned in the readme, but honestly: I ran into the same issue last week when I upgraded the modules in my Omeka S instance.

Best regards,
Maarten Coonen

I have been running into the same issue with the Blocks Disposition module (v3.4.3), which appears to not like the version of Common that we have (v3.4.54). But it appears we aren’t really using it, so I may just uninstall it.