Error OAI-PMH Harvester

I’m using the plugin but I get this error, can you help me please?

Can you copy the first line of the error message and paste it in a comment?

RuntimeException: La ruta PHP configurada () es inválida. in C:\xampp\htdocs\application\libraries\Omeka\Job\Process\Dispatcher.php:114

It says that your PHP path is invalid - you might need to check with your hosts to make sure you have it correctly configured - it is set in the file local.config.php

In what part can I locate this file because it does not appear anywhere?

Wrong file path, sorry (had both S and Classic docs open at the same time) - you want the filepath application/config/ and the file config.ini - line 148

if it is an error of the php-cli path, but I have searched and can not find it, I am using xampp v3.2

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