Error log does not show up

attempted to configure error log:

following directions in:

curiously the logs folder containing sql.log is also empty

Hi ! I am rather new at all this, but we must start somewhere. I had a similar issue some months ago. Did you check on your Omeka-S installation database that all the columns of the table ‘log’ were set on the right datatypes? On my installation, it is ‘longtext’ for ‘message’ and ‘longtext’ for ‘created’. But in a previous project with Omeka S, I had to replace ‘longtext’ with ‘blob’ on both columns to get something.

Thanks but I am even newer in this area. does not have an obvious “how to change data type from longtext to blob” section. Is there a dabase editor that you could recommend, and how to make that change? Does no one else feel it’s odd that the /log/ directory was not even created during (auto) installation?

So first off, are you using any logging-related modules? The advice about the log table doesn’t apply to Omeka S as it is by default: there is no log table. There’s a module that some users use that changes logging to save to the database. If you’re using that, then it could be related to what you’re seeing.

Speaking just of Omeka S’s built-in logging functionality, in your latest message you talk about the log folder not existing… but it looks like it does in the screenshots you shared. The logs folder and an empty application.log file are part of the Omeka S package, so they should be there in any install.

I think there may be some confusion here stemming from what’s maybe just a typo in the manual: the default path for the log is logs/application.log (“logs” as the top folder, not “log”).

Good eye!
First off, I don’t think we are using logging-related modules. I was just trying to follow the instructions on enabling some sort of error logging.

So I guess we are using the built-in logging. The /log folder did not exist, so I had to create it, which is why it’s in the screenshot. An online manual with a TYPO? Ok I moved the application.log file to /logs/ .

Thanks for looking at this - sometimes it feels like we are wandering around in the half-light and our guide took the last train for the coast.