Error Freedom Theme


We are using the new nice looking Freedom theme but get an error when trying to use Lightbox gallery. It says something like “Opps… can’t load” when trying to view it when not logged in. It is like the public user do not have the rights for the media if using Lightbox gallery?

Does anybody know about that?



Can you provide a link to a page showing the problem? Or if not, a screenshot?

Public, anonymous users can lack the permission to see some things (for example, if you did not mark the item or media as public) but I wouldn’t expect an error message in either of those cases.

Hi, yes;

I can see the images if I am not using Lightbox



OK, the problem there is mixed content: the link to the file is HTTP while your site is loading HTTPS, and the browser is blocking it.

Are you behind a proxy that’s handling the HTTPS?

aha, let me check and get back. Thanks!!!

If you are behind a proxy, if you can get them to send the X-Forwarded-Proto: https header, that would fix this problem.

Another option if that’s the case is that you can do something yourself to avoid this problem: you can add this line in your .htaccess file (or Apache configuration):

RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Proto "https"