Error codes displaying on live site

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to resolve an issue with this site and am a bit stuck:

Below the copious php error messages, the site content is still visible (if you scroll down far enough). Based on preliminary research, I thought the Omeka version needed to be upgraded. I am however, unable to complete the back up because the php errors are also visible on the back-end and will not allow me to access the plugins to deactivate them prior to upgrading.

Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!



That looks like the server is configured to display all error messages, or that Omeka’s settings say to display all error messages. You’ll want to do the reverse of the Retrieve Error Messages guidance, making sure Omeka is in production mode, not development mode. And, make sure the server itself isn’t set to show errors, and is up to date with PHP.

Thanks so much, Patrick! I’m working with out network people to see if this resolves the problem. I’ll let you know in either case!

It worked! I uncomment “SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development” from the .htaccess file and it removed the error messages!

Thank you so much!!