Error by installing Bulk Import Module

Hi Everyone

Last week I spend several hours trying to install the Bulkimport module, and today I have had no luck.
This is the module:GitHub - Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-BulkImportFiles: Module for Omeka S to import files in bulk with their internal metadata (exif, iptc and xmp for images, audio and video, pdf, etc.).
When turning into development modus I get the following error:

Call to a member function getDb() on bool


Error: Call to a member function getDb() on bool in /…/modules/BulkImportFiles/Module.php:39

I this I am missing this step of the installation but I am not sure how to install these external libraries (one requires composer installation and I was not able to make it work):
The module uses external libraries, [getid3] and [php-pdftk], so use the release zip to install it, or use and init the source.

Any help? Thanks in advance

These are @Daniel_KM’s modules and I’m not an expert on them, but it would appear to me that BulkImportFiles, the module you’re trying to install, depends on BulkImport, another module. The readme for BulkImportFiles indicates that you must install BulkImport first.

Thank you for the reply @jflatnes
Looks like I would still need to install the two external libraries.
is there a place to look for an Omeka S freelancer? I don’t wouldn’t want to bother people here for something as basic as installing libraries.

There is the “Designer/Developer Marketplace” here where you could ask. I’m not sure you really need someone to do that for you though: if you just download the zipped copy of a module (it will have a “vendor” folder inside the module folder when unzipped) then it already comes with those dependencies installed.

Those zipped copies are usually found on the Omeka modules directory, or from “Releases” on Github or elsewhere.