Error after creating users but with no hint

I’ve just installed Omeka S 3.0.2 in a Ubuntu 20.04 LTS box, with mysql 8.0, apache 2.4.41 and php 7.4. Added first user but when adding two other users I’ve got error notification that says:

Omeka S encontrou um erro (Omeka S found an error)
To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka S User Manual page on retrieving error messages

I looked for errors in the log files (in //logs) but both application and sql log files are empty.

Both users were created but I cannot understand what went wrong.

Any help will be welcome.



Have you checked the manual page referenced in that error message? You have to enable logging or error display to see the error details.

My mistake.
I misunderstood the Omeka’s message. With your help I could see the issue and solve the problem.

To enable error logging, edit your local.config.php file. Then you can able to see the error message.

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