Error 500 on 1st install

Hello !
I just uploaded Omeka Classic on my server (mutualized hosting by 1&1).
I had created my data base on entered its datas in the db.ini file before uploading.
I chmoded the folder /files recursively to 777 (in case my first attempt with 775 would not be sufficient)
Htaccess file is in place at the root
I created my subdomain and checked it was avalable in my account by 1&1.

And when I call it , I get only an error 500.

Here is the site address :

Below are the specifications of my hosting.

Type de serveur : MySQL
Version du serveur : 5.5.59-0+deb7u1-log - (Debian)
Version du client de base de données : libmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.10 - 20111026 - $Id: c85105d7c6f7d70d609bb4c000257868a40840ab $
php 7.2 (I tried first 5.6, with the same error 500)
Extension PHP : mysqli

What should I check, please ? What must I do ?

Did you add/modify the htaccess file per the Omeka install instructions?:

Make sure to upload the .htaccess file that’s in the top-level directory of the Omeka zip along with the rest of the files. This file is hidden by default in many file transfer programs; to see the .htaccess file, you may need to change the preferences in your file transfer program.

Check to make sure it’s there and correct.

EDIT: nevermind, upon re-reading I see you did note that. Did you modify the file?

Hello Amanda !
I just looked into the .htaccess file, but did not modify anything. And it is there, at the root of the site.

Hello ! 2 questions, please.

1 - I noticed that 1&1 specifies port 3306 for the database. Shall I enter it in db.ini ? If so, how must I write it : the line with the port seems to be commented, starting with ;

2 - Is there a config file where I can enter the url of the site before starting install ? Maybe this could get me out of error 500.

Hello again !
Are you sure that Omega classic can run on a shared hosting ? I have not been able to see anything but a 500 error message yet.

There is no doubt that Omeka Classic can run on shared hosting. But, it all depends on all the configurations they have. We usually recommend Reclaim Hosting for the best success rate.

Well thanks for the answer. Since you belong to Omeka Team, can you tell me what I must look for ? In my initial message, I posted all the information I was able to find. This Omeka install is for testing first, so I will use my own hosting provider. 1&1 has a good reputation and I currently run on it over 20 websites, made with 6 or 7 different CMS, with different data base system. 3 of them with Mysql, other with sqlite or flat files.

I am asking for help. I followed instruction, my hosting provides the correct requirements. I am here on a help forum and I am stuck with an error 500. Help me please.

Sure. Additional info might be to ask how they have their Apache settings configured. We’ve seen problems with things like where .htaccess is respected, especially if subdirectories are involved. With the extent of use you describe, that seems like a place to check with 1&1 for deeper details of their server configuration.

If it is installed at the top level, that will be one thing. But if it is installed in a subdirectory, that could be the problem. I’d check that, and with 1&1’s folks, first.

I checked about Apache config and it was OK.
So I started to check every line of the htaccess file one by one, checking or unchecking and enlightment came with unchecking line 25 RewriteBase / .

Thanks for being patient.