Embedding images in pages

I want to embed some images in the pages, but theses images are not part of the collections (ie: the collections are about a painter, but picture of the painter are not part of the collection).

How do I embed pictures in pages when they are not part of the collection?

Do I have to create a specific collection to store images that I want to see and embed in pages?

Right now you pretty much have to either upload your images and Media and attach them as usual, or manually upload them somewhere else and use HTML to just write an img tag that points to the image.

We’re looking at making changes to a future version so you can more easily add images to a site that aren’t really “part of the collection,” so they don’t have to be Media or belong to an Item. This would work kind of like how you can currently set a logo for a site, just designed to use in a page block instead.

That would be a great idea to add the feature of being able to add a block that inserts an image to upload.

In the meantime, I currently have only one collection, of the paintings of a painter. Could you please tell me the simplest way to add an image to an Omeka S ? I think I have to create another collection (I don’t want to mix paintings from the painter, and picture of him painting in the same collection). This other collection would be dedicated to host pictures for the pages. Am I right?

“Collection” isn’t really a term in Omeka S, but yes, you could create a separate item set, for example.

Yes, of course, you’re right. I should have spoken of an item set, not a collection (even if an item set is just a collection of item, right?).

Yes, you’re right that they’re the same basically. Omeka S uses the term Item Set in part because each item can be in multiple sets.

Some users strongly associate “Collection” with a concept that implies each item can only be in one collection.

+1. I would like the “Media embed” block on pages to show all assets (logos, item set images, etc.) instead of just item media. In the meantime I’ve created a private item with a bunch of assets attached.

It would be smart to have a collection of all your assets appear as a menu option in the left-hand-side, Wordpress-style.

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We’re working right now on adding a block to allow you to pick out assets to include on pages, as well as a browse listing of all the assets for a future version.


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