Embedded player?

In Omeka Classic there was a way to add html for embedded player to stream media content in the item type metadata. Does anyone know if this is possible in Omeka S?


What are you looking to stream in particular?

Omeka S doesn’t let you put HTML in the metadata fields out of the box, but has much-improved support for having the “files” for an item actually be media that’s hosted elsewhere: YouTube is directly supported and there’s an “oEmbed” option that supports many other sites.

Thanks for your reply, John. I am looking to embed the Internet Archive’s media player. This had worked nicely for us in Omeka Classic.


You can embed the Archive.org viewer by adding it as Media and using the HTML option. Then switch to Source view and embed the iframe code that Archive.org provides.

Yes, I tried using the HTML option on for media. I was able to embed the player, but it displays on the item as a link near the bottom. See, for example: New Ocean House: interview with Mary Cassidy · Swampscott Public Library, Swampscott, Mass. · Omeka S

I would like the actual player to display in the item. Thank you.

Here’s an example of the player displaying using the Media / HTML method: http://onthesegroundsuga.digilabuga.org/s/otg/item/619

This might be specific to the theme settings?

Thank you for providing this example. It may require edits to our theme or use of a different theme. Either way, it is great to have an example of what we are looking for.
Thanks again.

The distinction here is that the theme you’re using, Center Row, uses a “slider” gallery to display the files and media, which doesn’t really work nicely with arbitrary HTML, so that stuff just gets listed out as links lower on the page as you’ve seen. Other themes use a more direct embedding method that doesn’t have this restriction.

There’s a new version of Omeka S that’s on the horizon which will allow for “mix and matching” this stuff, so you could use the Center Row theme and styling, but with the “regular” media embed system to make your HTML iframes work the way you want. We’ll have a preview of this new version out pretty soon.

John, that’s very helpful. Thanks for this information!


@bj_willis As John pointed out, the Center Row theme has fewer customization options. I use the Foundation theme for some of my websites, and it has options that would work for the embedded viewer. Here’s an example of a page using the Foundation theme, with 3 Media items attached: the first Media is a jpg file that was uploaded to Omeka S directly, the second and third are audio player embeds using the HTML option.

The Foundation theme has a setting called “Media Display for Show Pages” with 4 options:

The option “Next to metadata” is what I used on the page linked above, and it looks like this:

The option “Within Metadata” looks the same, but it also adds another section at the bottom of the page listing the attachments:

The option “Full-width media viewer above metadata” is equivalent to what you have on your website in Center Row theme right now, where the images display in a lightweight media viewer on top, but the HTML embeds end up showing up as links at the bottom of the page. And the option “Large media viewer left of metadata” is similar except that the image viewer is on the left side of the page instead of at the top of the page, but the HTML embeds still show up as links at the bottom, so that’s no good.

In other words, the two options with “media viewer” won’t work because the HTML embeds don’t mix well with the built-in media player. But, if I understand @jflatnes correctly, a future release of Omeka S might make it possible to use the built-in media viewer for images and still have the HTML embeds work properly.

Thank you for sharing this example. Your site looks great! I switched to the Foundation theme and configured it as you have. But, my item still does not display the player. What role is your stylesheet playing here?

Thanks again for your help!

Hmm, strange, when I look at the item New Ocean House: interview with Mary Cassidy · Swampscott Public Library, Swampscott, Mass. · Omeka S , it’s still using the Center Row theme.

This is what I’m seeing:

Or did you revert back to Center Row after testing with the Foundation theme?

The stylesheet for our Black Voices at Rutgers website that I posted as an example is just the default that came with the installation out of the box. I haven’t made any changes or customizations outside of the Theme Settings interface.


Apologies. I had switched to the Foundation theme on our test installation. That item is here: NOBLE Test Site · New Ocean House: interview with Mary Cassidy · Omeka S Test Site.

Thanks again for your help.

I think the issue here is that the setting for whether to embed or simply list out media is a site setting, so you’ll find it not in the theme settings shown in the screenshots here, but in the Settings tab of the site’s “Site admin” page: the setting is named “Embed media on item pages.”

Is there a way to create a hook or something that we could put in the show page to display html embedded content where we want?

I have a similar issue to this, I want to use the media player on top but if it is embedded html it only displays nice using the “Next to metadata” option.

It is going to be a while before I can update my site to the next version of omeka.