Embargoed items/media


I’m trying to think of a way to embargo items that would automatically make them public when the embargo period ends. For instance, we have a collection of graduate theses, and some of them need to remain hidden for a duration of time, etc.

I’m imagining I could use a metadata field where I could put the date of the embargo end, and my module could hide that item/media if it’s before that date and then display it if after. I should say more specifically that I would like the item and it’s metadata to be public, but not access to the file itself.

Would this be something it would make sense to mess around with ACL? Or could I just do this with the media renderer, and basically check there for any embargo metadata?


Joseph Anderson

There is the module Access Resource that can help you (a module that allow users to ask for access to some private media), but the embargo logic is not implemented.

Thanks Daniel—I’ll check that out and see if I can’t build some embargo functionality into it.

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