Email notification for Comments plugin

Hello, we are excited to test and hopefully utilize the Comments plugin but wondering whether there is an email notification feature available? In this way we could be notified when someone has commented and we could vet and/or respond to the individual quickly. Thank you.

That does sound like an obvious feature that’s not there. The configuration of the plugin allows for choosing user roles that can moderate comments, but doesn’t appear to send those users a notification for each comment. Maybe we feared too many emails going out to too many people.

Since we’re planning a new release soon for minor fixes, we’ll look into this as either a fix or additional feature.

Thank you for your response Patrickmj. We are using OMEKA for internal organizational use only so we probably would not be hit with the monsoon of a web accessible comment box that others would. :slight_smile:

Did this feature make it into the current release (2.1.4 Oct 2016)?

I’m also interested in this feature.

We’re doing a lot of updates to reflect some other core changes, so this might be a good time to add it in.