Element IDs not unique for pagination and search fields

Our institution is having us use SiteImprove to scan our sites for accessibility issues, and it is flagging how the setup for pagination and search fields use element ids twice on the same page. The pagination buttons are at the top and bottom of the page but use the same ID (id=“collection”) for both appearances when browsing a collection’s items . Same issue is getting flagged for the search field, which uses the same id, #record_types, for each search record type (Item, Collection, File) enabled. Is this something being addressed in new versions of themes/any core code that may do something similar? My instances are Classic 3.1.1 running Minimalist 2.5.2.

Are you using a customized version of the theme (or Omeka)?

Version 3.1.1 should already have the fix for the problem with the search form, but if you have a customized search/search-form.php file in your theme, you could be using the old code with the problem.

that fixed the search issue, thank you. Any similar fix for the duplicated id=collection on the pagination for collection item browse pages? I’ve been looking through but haven’t found it yet.

The duplicate IDs from pagination is something we hadn’t fixed yet, until just now.

There’s a change you could apply to your theme (probably having to copy the file common/pagination_control.php from application/views/scripts into your theme first) to fix the problem. Or a workaround could be to edit your theme’s browse pages to remove the second instance of the pagination.

great- thank you for your help!