Editors Cannot Add Page to Menu

Hello, I can’t seem to find a way to have an Editor create a page AND add it to the navigation bar.
Here’s my situation: I am working with a professor who would like to have her students build an Omeka-S exhibit as their final project. The Prof is an ADMIN and the students are EDITORS. Editors, however, cannot add pages to Navigation. If they click “Add to Navigation,” they get a “Forbidden” warning when they click “Add” page. The page is created, but it is NOT added to the nav menu.


  1. How can Editors actually create a page and add it to the navigation menu (what do I need to change)?

Thank you!
Matt, Digital Scholarship Librarian

Do the student users have any specific permissions granted for the site?

The only user permissions I can see to assign students in the class exhibit site are: 1. Viewer 2. Editor 3. Admin.

The admin user role allows for full access. Editors can create pages, but not add them to the navigation menu.

For the Omeka S install as a whole, I’ve given them “Author” privileges.

At the moment I think you’d have to make them Admins for the specific site to allow this.

The presence of the “Add to Navigation” option when the user doesn’t have permission to perform the action is definitely a bug, but I think it’s somewhat of an open question whether the Editor “role” should have the ability to edit the site’s nav structure.

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good to know And yes, that does seem like a difficult discussion to have about editors. Thank you for your reply!