Editing metadata means saving media all over again?

Hi! Hope you are all having a great day.

I have been editing metadata on Items in my Omeka S instance using ‘edit item’ and then hitting the ‘save’ button. These are really minor tweaks, just fragments of sentences. But I kept getting 503 errors from the server and had a look to see that even this low-impact activity was using up a whole 4 CPU cores. Rather surprised, I contacted the hosting company, who tell me that I have been resizing and saving all and every one of the ‘item’ ‘media’ images as I go along! This is complete news too me, as I have not been to my knowledge, need or desire been doing anything at all with ‘item->media’ !

Is it possible that a command to ‘save’ an alteration to an 'item’s text metadata requires that the whole ‘item’ – including all its related ‘media’ – has to re-save as well?

Since some of my ‘items’ have 200 plus images of 10MB each, that would be a disaster in terms of running up against CPU limits with my hosting company… and in digital sustainability terms, a huge waste of electricity… Tell me what I am doing wrong please!

very best, CBRfan

What modules do you have installed?

The normal system doesn’t touch the files at all once they’re added the first time, more or less.

Hi Again! The following Modules are installed and activated:

Advanced Search
Advanced Search adapter for Solr 3.5.43
Collecting 1.9.0
Common 3.4.54
CSS Editor 1.3.1
CSV Import 2.4.1
Faceted Browse 1.4.1
File Sideload 1.7.1
Guest 3.4.18
IIIF Server 3.6.14
Image Server 3.6.13
Mapping 1.9.0
Menu 3.4.7
Numeric Data Types 1.11.3
Persistent Identifiers 1.1.1
Reference 3.4.42
Rights Statements 1.2.1
Scripto 1.4.0
Sharing 1.3.0
Simple PDF 1.0.1
Timeline 3.4.18
unAPI 1.3.0
Universal Viewer 3.6.9
Zotero Import 1.3.0

Not all of these Modules are being used at the moment, even if they are activated. So if there are some that should be deactivated while editing metadata, that would be good to know!

Many thanks, CBRfan

Image Server would be the one there I’d call out as most likely, just because it does deal with the files… does temporarily disabling it change this behavior for you?

Thank you! I’ll give that a try: deactivating Image Server and then updating text metadata. I’ll see how quickly the CPUs do (or do not!) go into overdrive. I’ll get back to you after the test. thanks, CBRfan