Editing 'Big Picture' appearance

Hi there - I know this might be a long shot, but I figured I would ask. I have some pretty long sections in my exhibit pages and I was thinking that breaking the text blocks up with colored backgrounds may help with readability (think something like this, simply in the sense that each “block” has a different background color). Would such a design be possible in Omeka? I’m using the big picture theme. Many thanks as always!

It’s possible to do what you’re describing by editing the theme… the tricky part here would be identifying the different blocks so you can give them different colors. You could insert <div> or <p> elements with different classes in the HTML and target those classes in your stylesheet, that’s one option.

With just CSS you can do targeting like “the 1st matching element,” “the 2nd matching element,” and so on, but that’s going to get pretty tedious and would be brittle to things being moved around.

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