EAD as vocabulary?

Has anyone tried loading EAD schema as a vocabulary in Omeka-S?



Omeka S vocabularies must be in an RDF syntax to be imported. EAD does not officially support RDF, although there is demand for it and there are initiatives in that direction.

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I have not done any research yet, so thanks for the quick answer!

In your opinion, would it be possible to construct a custom vocabulary in Omeka-S (or directly in RDF) that duplicates the key 5-10 metadata fields which in theory could be mapped to a full EAD implementation/schema? A poor man’s version in other words.

Yes, that’s definitely possible. Perhaps someone has already attempted it. You have some options: a) map key fields to existing linked data properties and import the containing vocabularies; or b) as you mention, create a custom EAD-Lite vocabulary. I suspect the most difficult part of transforming EAD to linked data is flattening its hierarchical XML model to accommodate RDF’s graph model, but maybe that won’t be a problem if you focus only on the key 5-10 fields.

Yes, wondering if the key “DC” style fields are generally single value, thus an “EAD Lite” as you describe would be both easy and useful to implement for potential integration into aggregate digital library systems.