Duplicate a page over multiple websites


We have a website with multiple languages, and i wanted to know if there was a way to import a page across multiple websites. Like the workflow would be: Designing my page on EN, filling it, and then importing it in ES/JP/Whatnot, to only have the translation left to do, without having to put back every single block.

The quick and dirty way would be to copy:paste the html inside an html block, but that would really be the last resort


Hi Orsu,
Have you considered using the restful API for dynamically building your pages. I’m using Vuejs for that purpose.
It that’s not an option, you can try copy / pasting from an export to create static html pages.

FYI: I’m thinking about a so-called html-compiler, that creates static pages (and a browse interface) from the API. It’s doable, but it take some developing.
Some of my customers really would like their information screens to be off-line, with the capability to update the screens with Omeka S, hence the compiler concept.

Hans Ruedisueli
Bureau Jorwert