Dspace Connector

I am trying to pull this Dspace Collection into my Omeka-S 4.0.1 via the Dspace Connector.

Please see attached screenshots.

Basically, it just hangs, and I’m not sure why?

I have never used this Module. What I’m hoping, is that it takes a look at our DSpace REST endpoint, then lets me choose from among the many Collections there – picking one of them to Import into Omeka-S. Hoping that’s how it works!


Hi @mcyzyk ,

It looks like you just need to use the following config:

DSpace site URL: https://jscholarship.library.jhu.edu

Endpoint: server/api

@fackrellj has it right!

But looking at our DSpace Connector documentation I can see where the input instructions for DSpace Site URL and Endpoint are a little unclear. We can certainly clarify that a bit and provide better examples.


Maybe replace “rest” in that placeholder with “server/api”?

Thanks, John,

Looks like it’s working. Much appreciated.

Hope it’s awesome out West!


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