Dropbox plugin partially working

The dropbox plugin partially works for me. It allows me to add images (jpg) but not a large number of them. When I try to add more than 120 images, they are put on the wrong order. Furthermore, it is impossible to reorder them. The images don’t follow the mouse. They were all created on the same time, since it is digitized books. I try to use the php command sort($fileNames, SORT_STRING); in plugins/Dropbox/DropboxPlugin.php but it didn’t change anything.

Thank you to all in advance!

This can be solved when installing the book reader plugin. We can check a box to sort files by original filename.

Which version of Omeka are you using?

There’s a problem with 2.4 and sorting large lists, like you would have with 120 images on one item. That bug is fixed in 2.4.1.


I have just installed it. Indeed, the sorting is better, but when I add 200 images, the first 10th are still at the end of the list. However, I can re-order them, which was impossible before this new version.
Thanks a lot.