Dropbox Operation

Hi there, could somebody explain to me whether I’m understanding the functionality of DropBox correctly?

I have about 200GB of newspapers archived (pdf) on my server. I’d like to batch add these to Omeka S, through what I assumed would be the DropBox plugin.

I set the DropBox path to the folder where all of the files are saved but nothing happened.


(As an aside, I’d also like to have Omeka read the pdf and make searchable text from it as well).

I want to double-check that you are asking about Omeka S, and not Omeka Classic (aka the 2.x series). Dropbox is a plugin for Omeka Classic, and the corresponding module for Omeka S is File Sideload.

Right, Omeka S. My apologies, I did mean FileSideload.

OK…with File Sideload installed, when you create an item, under the Media tab, there should be an option to select a file from the sideload directory.

Sideload and CSVImport also play nicely together, so for batch import you can map a column to the sideload data in the CSVImport Mappings page.

There’s not yet a module for Omeka S for extracting PDF text.

I’m assuming there will be a PDF to text plugin available soon?

I’m seeing nothing regarding FileSideload.

Hmm, that’s unexpected. What versions of Omeka S and FileSideload are you using?

There aren’t current plans for a PDF to text module like we have for Omeka Classic. We’re keeping an eye on the temperature of what Classic plugins people want for Omeka S to determine where to devote resoures.

To my knowledge, the latest of both versions.

Thanks. My next guess is that the directory and/or files aren’t readable by the server. So, I’d check the permissions for those.