Docs Viewer deprecated?

I received an email that the Docs Viewer plugin would be deprecated and uninstalled from sites last week. Is this plugin going to be deprecated from Omeka Classic also? Is there a good alternative? We have PDF Embed installed, but the width at which it displays PDF makes them illegible. Thanks.

Docs Viewer is still, and will continue to be, available on standalone sites.

PDF Embed is my plugin, so maybe I can help there also. What’s the issue with its display for you? Too small?

That’s good to hear, thanks. Yep, the PDF Embed display is just too small to read the PDF. It looked like there was a way to increase the height in the plugin configuration, but not the width. Here’s an example item

If Docs Viewer is still being supported, we can continue to use that.

Okay. What’s happening there is: the PDF Embed plugin always wants to take as much horizontal space as it can.

In your theme, you’re displaying files in the sidebar there, so it’s limited to that width. If you moved the call to display files in your theme’s items/show view (probably a call to files_for_item) to the main or primary section, the display would be wider.

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