Distro update broke omeka

Hello! I’m having a very good and smooth Monday morning.
to keep my linux vms up to date I did a distro update instead of backing up omeka and installing it fresh on a new install. Backups still exist so this isn’t do-or-die but I’m hoping for a fast fix for this situation rather than a three hour redo tomorrow.

After a successful distro update (ubuntu server 18.04 LTS, from 14.04 lts - it actually broke at 16.04) trying to load the page displays what looks like database access commands. Not an error either, the SetENV development option to show errors was disabled and enabling it changed nothing. It’s actually spitting this out as the webpage:

getBootstrap()->setOptions(array( ‘resources’ => array( ‘theme’ => array( ‘basePath’ => THEME_DIR, ‘webBasePath’ => WEB_RELATIVE_THEME ) ) )); $application->initialize()->run();

I’m just beginning troubleshooting and so far have confirmed the mysql databases are still there, tables are still listed, and I logged in with the username and pass in db.ini. Does this look like a database issue or a PHP issue?
I appreciate any direction you can give me

Welp turns out it was PHP - Still getting it going but the page is loading now.

The massive jumps in version lead to PHP not being enabled for the new apache and having to reinstall that.
Currently I’m getting an Omeka error:
"The Mysqli extension is required for this adapter but the extension is not loaded.

Confirm that the information in your db.ini file is correct."

But at least we’re on the right track.

One last update in that it appears to be working.
The full list of things I had to do, just in case someone searches and finds it helpful:
Forced dpkg to reinstall new conf file for Apache (maybe not required)
Installed new version of php (7.2)
Installed PHP mysqli and exif extensions via installing php-mysql, php7.2-mbstring, and php7.2-common
Finally rebooted and everything seemed good, until I noticed no dates were showing up in omeka admin for items. Showing an error about unhandled DOMDocument, solved by installing php7.2-xml and another reboot.

You can close this topic as it’s up and going now, hopefully others will update their server the proper way but if not here’s some things to try.