Displaying large PDFs

What is your solution for rendering large (>200MB) PDFs in the browser?

Implementing UniversalViewer solved it.

  1. The PDFs should be linearised
  2. The server should support byte-streaming (e.g. Apache handles linearised PDFs by default)
  3. The viewer needs to handle linearised PDFs.

Given it’s working for you it’s obviously not 1. but it would be interesting to know which of the other 2 it was.

I am not sure how to check for the other two. I am curious, though.
I am a web dev with a background only in programming. My systems/server admin skills are lacking.

Sorry for the really late reply.

For 2. There’s one method on this ServerFault post (https://serverfault.com/questions/547073/test-a-server-for-byte-range-support)

The last one you can’t check. I’ve haven’t looked in to all of the built-in browser viewers but I’d hope so. There’s a lot in the PDF spec and we did have some PDFs fail to load when Firefox first brought out its viewer because they used features in the PDF1.7 spec.

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