Displaying item images from external image servers


I’m looking for a way to display some exhibition images directly from an external IIIF image server, via an Omeka S site, without copying the images to the Omeka S server.

Does anyone know if there is a way to add images to Omeka S items from external IIIF image servers in such a way that the image file is always kept on the external server and not needing to be duplicated onto the local Omeka S server?

Many thanks

We seem to have missed listing this option in the end-user manual, but the tab to add media to an item allows you to input a IIIF URL. We fetch the file to make thumbnails, but we do not store the original.

(I’ll update the manual.)

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Wonderful, much appreciated. Thanks also for all the hard work on developing the excellent Omeka S platform. My university library likes it very much!

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