Displaying all results for tags

On the homepage of my site, I created a tag cloud that displays all tags, including those tagging items and exhibits. However, when a user clicks on one of the tag links to browse a specific tag, the linked page only displays items, but not exhibits (or collections). Is there a way to have these links display everything that has the same tag?

The problem with doing that is that there isn’t a URL for doing all results. The cloud works pretty simplistically, just attaching the proper query to a base URL, so it has to choose to use the items browse page or the exhibits browse page (or perhaps some other). Each of those obviously just displays its corresponding type of record.

You could make a page specifically for this purpose that returned results of disparate types matching a tag, but it wouldn’t be particularly simple to do, involving minimally a plugin to create the controller for the new page that would execute the necessary queries.