Display of a single Item


I have the following problem. I like to embed single items from Omeka (view like “items/show/ID”) in a Joomla Website. I created a module and I display the Item in a that module of Joomla and it is working properly, except I have the whole frame and navigation bars of Omeka in that Joomla window. I need only the content displayed.
Is there an easy way to pick the Item without the Omeka Frame and display it as a single object? Otherwise it is causing navigation problems for the user.
Unfortunately I found nothing about this topic.

Thank you for any help or hints.


Why don’t you use Omeka API ?

Thank you for your answer:

I was using the the Api and with the command :

I get always the message “Invalid record. Record not found.”

API in Omeka is enabled and the URL and ID are valid.