Display more information in "Browse Items"


Hello. I need assistance in formatting the display of information in the “Browse Items” category of our public page. We have formatted the browse.php file of our theme to display more information about each item, such as its creator and its unique identifier. However, the new information we are trying to share is being displayed inline with the description of the item. We were hoping to have each element on a different line, such as this:

I have been unable to find where I need to modify this. I have attempted to modify both the browse.php file and the style.css file of our theme, but neither have produced any results. Could anyone direct me to the correct place I need to modify, and also the proper code I need to implement to get the desired results? Thanks in advance.

We are using the Berlin theme on a Omeka 2.2.2 installation.


If you have a public link to the browse page, that’d be the most helpful thing.

Usually, though, this is pretty simple in CSS, just a matter of setting display: block on the element(s) in question.


I am also trying to change the elements that appear on the Browse Items pages. I thought it was a matter of editing the browse.php file. I tried editing that file in the items directory under the theme’s but it didn’t work. The elements that appear currently are Title, Creator, and Date. I want to change those to Subject, Spatial Coverage, and Date, and maybe a couple more. (I’m mapping headings to those DC elements.) Thanks.


I figured out where to make the change.


Can you explain how you managed to make these changes? I also want to have the ‘Browe Items’ listed by Subject as well as Title. What bits of the browse.php file do you have to change, and how?


Did you manage to show more Information? I also would like to show the title and creator on the browse item /collection etc pages?

would be Great if you can share how


The file you’re looking for is items/browse.php in your theme (if it doesn’t exist in your theme, copy it over from application/views/scripts/items/browse.php first).

You should see calls to the function metadata() in the file that refer to Title and Description, you can supplement these or replace them outright with other elements.

Other records are the same process with a different folder: collections instead of items, and so on.


Hi thanks for answering!

I am not very familiyar with css, so i try my best to muddle through…

Would the change be here:

<?php echo link_to_item(metadata('item', array('Dublin Core', 'Title')), array('class' => 'permalink')); ?>


<?php echo link_to_item(metadata('item', array('Dublin Core', 'Creator', 'Title' )), array('class' => 'permalink')); ?>

and then copy it to theme/items
should I also save the change in the Application/view/scripts/item/browse.php file?

Thank you