Display exhibit information w/o showing content

I’m looking for a code-based solution for a semi-published state for an exhibit. is there a way to (relatively easily) display the existence of an exhibit (title, thumbnail, etc) but not have the content viewable? any advice on this front is greatly appreciated!

Probably the easiest option is to make the exhibit actually private, then directly access the database to get the data you want to show for the “semi-published” state.

$db = get_db();
$table = $db->getTable('Exhibit');
$privateExhibits = $table->fetchObjects('SELECT * FROM `$db->Exhibit` WHERE public = 0'`);

By writing out a query instead of using the built-in methods for finding and fetching records, you bypass the normal permission checks. Then as long as you just only use the $privateExhibits array for printing the limited data you want to show, the exhibit will remain actually private.