Disable Video Download Button

In Omeka S, I can upload videos and attach them to items for the public to view. That works great.
However, the built-in video player offers a download button in the vertical ellipsis menu.


How can I hide or disable this button? I would like to publish some possibly-copyrighted works without encouraging viewers to download them. I know that people could still screen-record or something, but I still want to remove the download button.

-Jordan Nichols

Bump… ?
I’m using Omeka S version 4.0.4

I am celebrating ! Woohoo! After 17+ days of trying to figure out how to remove this silly download button, I’ve figured it out.


Edit this file:
Add  this argument to the <video> tag:
It should look something like this afterward:
'<video %s controlslist="nodownload">%s</video>'
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