Disable Cookies? Omeka S always sets a Cookie

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to disable Cookies (at least for non logged-in users).
Omeka S seems to work without Cookies as well or is there any performance benefit (for non logged-in users) or need of having that Session-Cookie?

Otherwise all European users require the EU cookie banner, even if they don’t track users.

Many thanks,
in general thanks for the Omeka S development which is great (:


Did you find a solution?

Nope, not really without changing the core.
At least not an easy setting option like “SetCookies: 0”. I’m using a simple cookie banner now.

Wish there would be an option for that in future releases slight_smile:

The problem for us is that the way the authentication we use works is, to check if someone is logged in, a cookie is going to get set automatically if there isn’t one already. This is just sort of the way PHP sessions work, which is what underlies the system here.

I’m tempted to say that there’s probably an exemption to the banner requirement available for a cookie that is technically required and isn’t used for tracking,

Hailing from europe, I can confirm, cookies which are technically essential, such as session cookies, can be written to a visitors disk without his/her permission. It is however debatable, whether a session cookie is a technical requirement, if and when a user is not logged in / does not want to log in. This is a grey area. A cookieless vistor mode for Omeka would be, afaiac, a ‘nice to have’.

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