Difficulty adding Mirador modules via Reclaim hosting

I am stuck, and so very close to being able to use Mirador/IIIF in a project I have been working on for years. I have managed to install Omeka-S in Reclaim hosting as well as several modules to support my project, but simply cannot install a the Mirador viewer. The errors suggest I don’t have an updated version of Omeka-S, but I indeed have the most up-to-date one, which should work with the module. Can anyone suggest a way forward? Please see screen shot of errors below:

It looks like you have several different copies of the Mirador Viewer module, presumably with all different folder names. That’s not a good idea and is just going to cause problems. You look like you’ve got some older copies that don’t support Omeka S 3.0, and some newer ones that have the wrong folder names or other problems.

It’s probably just a case where you need to delete those older copies, the version ones, and make sure the up to date one has the correct folder name (this is another developer’s module but I believe the correct folder name here is just “Mirador”).

Thanks. I deleted all the mirador versions, then reloaded and extracted only the latest version, but still have not been able to load them. Any other ideas?

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