Determine item-set type

I’m new to Omeka, and new to Zend, but very familiar with PHP, concepts of OO, and MVC design (in general). I want to create an Omeka S module to display some item-sets (but not all of them) in a particular aggregated way.

Is there a way to programatically determine the resource template assigned to a given item set? I haven’t found any good docs telling me how to query all the properties of the item-set. Something like
$response = $this->api()->read(‘item_sets’, $this->params(‘id’));
$itemSet = $response->getContent();
$template = $itemSet->getResourceTemplate();
Or. perhaps more to the point, is there an Omeka Standard way of distinguishing behaviour for a given item-set? Something similar to content-type in most CMSs.

Sorry if this is a trivial question, I’ve not been able to find comprehensive documentation.

I’m not sure if you talk about the resource template or the resource class. Anyway, you can get them via: $itemSet->resourceTemplate() and $itemSet->resourceClass(). You can add get to the methods when you use Doctrine entities, not Omeka representations.

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I was going to use the resource template to disambiguate the item-sets.
I got what I needed with $template _label = $itemSet->resourceTemplate()->label() ;