Detect the content type being rendered

I need to be able to add some code to the header based on the content type (record type?) being rendered. Does Omeka Classic make available some way for detecting if the current screen is of type Exhibit, Exhibit Page, Simple Page, etc?

Something like

$controller = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance()->getRequest()->getControllerName();

is probably your best option, that’s going to return something like “items”, “exhibits”, etc. based on what page is getting rendered. You can similarly get the module name to tell core from module pages, and the action for different pages within a controller.

Excellent! Thanks so much.

Another question: I know Omeka C is built on Zend. There’s Omeka’s docs and there’s a lot of documentation on Zend. Do you know of any docs or good starting points (besides Omeka’s readthedocs) that give more info (and ideally examples) specifically about using Zend in Omeka themes and plugins?