"Destination directory is not writable" error on our Omeka 2.6 instance

Hi Folks,

We’ve noticed an issue with our Omeka instance (2.6)
When attempting to add images using our contribution plugin (http://wyndhamhistory.net.au/contribution) our users are getting the following error:

Destination directory is not writable: ‘/home/wyndhistory/public_html/files/original’.

Our web hosts checked that directory and it’s 755 and hasn’t changed for a while - can you think of anything CMS-related that would cause this?

Who is your web host?

I encounter these issues when the Linux directory owner is not set to the apache user, such as www-data or apache. Depending on your host, you may not be able to actually see this level of detail in your directory structure.

Thanks @benbakelaar I’ll pose that to them. Our web host is the State Library of Victoria (Australia)

Ask them if they are running on a Windows server infrastructure or Linux. If I was guessing, I would choose Windows server, thus the permissions issue.

Thanks @benbakelaar,

Confirming that the directory owner (it is a linux instance) is set to www-data
Any other thoughts on what could be causing this?

Quick update to this, our web host migrated us to a server with newer architecture and this appears to have resolved the issue. Looks like it was server-related after all. Thanks for your help with this @benbakelaar

Oh good! Given the picture they sent you, it appears it was not the issue that I guessed, but the only two issues I know of that impact the “destination directory not writable” are: chmod permissions and owner/group permissions. Glad you are functional now!

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