Designer Developer Needed for Northern Irish Project

Hi all,

I’m working on an archival project based in Derry, Northern Ireland.

We have various different types of items in the archive from CDs, to slides, to letters, Postcards and Posters; totalling between approximately 5000-10000 items. As well as having the physical archive inhouse we would like to create a digital archive using Omeka.

We want to bring on a developer/designer for Omeka and the online side of things.

We would like a custom look and feel for our Omeka site without perhaps the expense that comes from sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and designing a completely custom design from scratch. We are happy to base our design and interface on a purchasable and already established theme. However, if our funding applications are successful a fully customisable theme could be on the cards! The main factor is that the digital archive is user focused, completely searchable and could be used by any member of the public and easily maintained by staff at the gallery.

As we are applying for funding at the moment, we’d love to hear thoughts on the project, what you would recommend and how much your services would cost. Please drop me a line on

A few applications have to be in next week so we’ll be putting together a bank of quotes and options within the next few days.

Hope you’re all having a great day!