DerivativeImages process

I’ve installed the DerivativeImages plugin, but I’m not sure if it’s working or not. My DB says “In Process…” but it’s been a while and so far no new images have shown up. I’m running it to change the size of my thumbnails.

Any recommendations on how to troubleshoot?

Hi, the process may take few seconds per image, so depending on the number and size of files you have, it can take several hours. To debug you have few options:

  1. check application/logs/errors.log file, there should be logged any errors that occurred. If there is nothing, you may want to add more _log() calls inside DerivativeImagesJob::perform() method to understand when it fails.
  2. check image manually - the job goes from oldest images to latest, so just check in your DB what is the oldest file with has_derivative_image = 1 and browse to the containing item. Then you see if the file was resized or not.
  3. run the conversion directly (not in background). It may give you some errors that are not displayed in background job. For that simply change ->sendLongRunning( into ->send(. Note that this approach is for detecting fatal errors when the processing starts. As soon as you hit max_execution_time in PHP it will terminate the script. So if you don’t get some error directly you’re better off with option 1 above.

Hope it helps

Thanks so much for your help!

The problem was that I had manually deleted an image from the server, so the database was out of sync.

Much appreciated!

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